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Bring Wine Wednesday home! Please check our online ordering platforms every Wednesday for our special offering.


Happy Hour

Happy Hour at Ciccio Mio means 20% off all orders placed from opening to 5:00pm each and every day!  Simply place your order directly through our website during that time, and apply the promo code HAPPYHOUR20.


We have 3 Italian subs available for quick, delicious dinners. The Chicken Parmesan sandwich is served with fresh mozzarella and basil on toasted ciabatta. The Porchettta is served with giardiniera, garlic aioli, watercress & shaved red onion on an Italian roll.  The Classic Italian is served with mortadella, capicollo, prosciutto & provolone on an Italian roll. Available through our website, Tock, Caviar, and DoorDash for $13.95.


Rotolo Lasagna Dinner

Our Rotolo Lasagna Dinner has lasagna bolognese, a house salad, bitter rapini, cannoncini, and one bottle of Italian red wine. Available through Tock and please order by 4pm day-of.  Serves three to four, $99.00.